Works of Philippine Social Science Pioneers

Works of Philippine Social Science Pioneers


This site features the full-text of journal articles, books, research papers, reports, and other scholarly writings of pioneers in the Philippine social sciences. The project, initiated by the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC) and the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines (UNACOM), through the Communication Committee, aims to digitally preserve these source materials, many of which have physically deteriorated and have limited copies left in circulation. The project also seeks to expand the access of students, teachers, researchers and institutions to the pioneers’ body of work to facilitate research and learning as well as motivate them to build on the works of the pioneers.

The identification of the pioneers in the social sciences was undertaken with the assistance of PSSC’s disciplinal member-organizations, particularly the Philippine Political Science Association, Linguistic Society of the Philippines, Psychological Association of the Philippines, Philippine Population Association, Philippine Geographical Society, Philippines Communication Society, and Philippine Statistical Association. The materials that were digitized were loaned and/or donated by the pioneers, pioneers’ families, Main Library of the University of the Philippines-Diliman, UP School of Economics Library, Institute of Philippine Culture, and Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication. A few of the materials were sourced from the collection of PSSC’s Frank X. Lynch, SJ Library.

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